Friday, 29 March 2013

Not As Planned...

Our week definitely has not gone as planned. We had so much we needed to get done this week, but they all decided to get sick. :-( So I have had two little girls at home all week, and a sick husband to go with them. And they keep coughing and spluttering everywhere, so I confined them to the lounge room. 

In case you are wondering, my youngest child on the floor is playing Play Station. Yes, with a pillow, lying down. No, I don't know how she does it, but she does, lol!!!

Meet Loki. He's just joined our family. He is so cute and cheeky.
What's that? How many cats do I have now? Ummm...7 of my own, and 1 that is fostered. :-)
And I love them to pieces, and no, I am not a crazy cat woman (yet, lol!!!).

Do you remember Bolt? She was from a litter of four kittens that were motherless. Her siblings didn't survive, but she did. This is how tiny she used to be. 

And this is my baby now - all grown up, happy and healthy. 
She's such a big smooch. 

Thanks for dropping by. 
I'll be back in a few days with some new projects and layouts. :-)

Have a safe and Happy Easter


  1. You are so totally the crazy cat lady!!! lol Everyone is looking very comfortable on their sick day.... Hope your all feeling better soon.

  2. So sorry to see your family was sick! Cute pic though.
    and amazing little kitties!!!! look how that one has grown.
    thank you for sharing your photos with us!


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