Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I Didn't Sign Up For This...

Nope. I didn't sign up for a mad house. I refuse to go down this path - this is not happening to me!!!! Those were just a few of the phrases that raced through my head when my eldest daughter arrived home from school today. Along with "Take it back, right now! No, no, no, no, no...you cannot keep it!!!"

As a parent, what is one of the WORST instruments your daughter could choose to learn? Think about it. Any guesses? My daughter walked in the door today carrying a TROMBONE (which is pretty much the same size as her). Oh, hell no! Anything BUT THAT!!!! Please God, have some mercy on me!!!

But wait, it gets better. She has proudly informed me that she must practice, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Gag! Choke! Splutter! This cannot be happening to me, can it?

I've already sent my husband around to apologise to all the neighbours. Yeah, and next year, when Keana goes into Year 4, she gets to choose an instrument too. Me, I'm leaving home...seriously...


  1. Hahaha...you made me laugh..hang in there!!! Go to the supermarket for shopping while she practices..lol..couldn't she just love the piano???

  2. Hahaha this is sooo funny - guess thats how my mom felt when I came home from school one day armed with the violin, recorder and a pair of tap shoes - Polly xx

  3. laughing sooooo much here, I sympathise with you so much. Been there and done that with my older (grown up) children.. and I should not laugh too hard, as guess what, Jesse turns 2 next month and by the time he gets to year 4 and instruments, I'll be ready for a cell at the "zoo".

    Sound proof a room.... :-) (if only)

  4. very fuuny. That might be me next year, good luck.


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