Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Coming From The Left...

I'm left brained. I'm fairly sure of that, regardless of any test or experiment that might say otherwise. I've always had a huge problem understanding "right-brained" people. But I never realized this, until I read "Dharma And Greg", an article from Momastery. It was like a light bulb went off.

I have never been able to relate to extremely "right-brained" people, especially women. A little right-brained I could cope with. But extreme right-brain? Not a chance. I just didn't get that ditzy, vague, off-in-fairy land thing - until now. Because I didn't "know" they were right-brained. I didn't realise that was what made us so different. Frustratingly so, at times. But I "get it" now. I still don't understand why some of us are much more left brained, and others are much more right-brained, but I do "get it!".

This may seem irrelevant to many of you, but to me, it has opened my eyes to so much. My husband is more right-brained than me. Yes - I just said that, for all the world to see. (I may be left-brained but I have a wicked sense of humour, lol!). He loves poetry, and that "grey" area in discussions - you know, the "What if this happened?", or "How would you feel if I...". The stuff that drives me crazy. Yeah, I'm much more black and white. I'm the science, maths and logic girl. The nerd. But the crazy thing is - my right brain must work fairly well, because I am also creative. Go figure.

My left brain is having a hard time registering the fact that some people can be both left, and right brained. Yes, one must have a stronger side out of the two options, but for some people, they can live, function and work happily, with, or in both, sides of the brain. Damn, if only it made life easier, lol!

But all this doesn't change one thing - hell will freeze over before I ever live with an extreme right-brained person. I'm left-brained enough to know that is just a disaster waiting to happen. Yep, thank goodness my children are only mildly right-brained. :-)


  1. I read her post yesterday and loved it! I work for an engineering firm and I think they hired me because I am enough left brained to get them but also right brained enough to remind them we can't keep engineering stuff for days, we do have to to turn it in! I like to think my creative side helps my left brain side work better...maybe that is the case with you? Love your post!

  2. well, in my house I'm right brained and my husband is both. Being right brained is hard,you get ruled by your emotions so much,be thankful for that left brain.

  3. I just had the test...well..I am 60% right braind...thank God I am not 100% LOLOLOLAnd thank God my DH must be a big percentage left brained...otherwise...we'd be lost...


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