Sunday, 1 January 2012

One Little Word 2012...

I'm been having a really hard time choosing my "WORD" for 2012. There are so many possibilities with where I am in my life at the moment - forward, flourish, challenge, awaken, enjoy, appreciate...all are possibilities. But I needed something to represent the upheaval that I have just brought down on my family with our move to Adelaide. Leaving Brisbane behind and moving to a new city, a new school, a new I have chosen CHANGE as my word for 2012. This is what I will focus on for 2012 - change to my outlook on life, change to my health and exercise routine, change to my lifestyle, change to my store (it needs an overhaul, lol!!!), change to how I interact with my children and partner, change to how I view my creative skills, ...change all around me. I have been given this wonderful opportunity to start a new life, with a clean slate, in Adelaide. This year, I have to make the most of this opportunity, and change whatever needs to be done to make this new life successful.


  1. LOL Jules well yes change is certainly something you have started 20102 with I think that's an awesome word.

    I look forward to following your changes through your blog.

  2. Yep CHANGE is definitely a well chosen word for you for 2012 may all your dreams & desires come true... X:)

  3. CHANGE is agreat word - wish you great and positive CHANGES in 2012

  4. Change can be upsetting ,but u will be fine.


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