Saturday, 7 January 2012

Let's Play Catch-Up...

Oh my goodness, life has been so busy, and I haven't had a chance to share everything that has happened. Christmas and New Year have gone, and we are well into 2012 already. So let's start at the beginning...
For the first time in quite a while, we had a simple, fun, family Christmas together. By we, I mean my two brothers (Steven and Matthew), their wives (Kylie and Amanda), and all our children. Yes, and my hubby too, lol! No, I didn't forget him. He has actually taken a month off from work, and it has been wonderful having so much time together as a family.
My girls are always asking about my Blythe dolls, and wanting to touch them, and change their clothes and positions (which drives me crazy - I hate sharing my dolls, lol!). So I decided it was time for them to get their own. Let's just say this Christmas present was a HUGE hit, and my dolls are now safe!!!
And the Blythe doll clothes pattern that I ordered a while ago finally turned up. Which means I now have to remember how to actually sew, not just use my sewing machine for my layouts. Hmmmm....this could be interesting, dangerous, or frustrating. I'll let you know, lol!!!
Our move to Adelaide went smoothly. I'm still unpacking, but the worst is over. I have to pinch myself everyday to believe that we are actually here - we (by we, I mean all of us - hubby, me and our 2 girls) have a beautiful house (yes, it is only a rental and I will have to give it up one day...sigh...), with a pool, and more room than we know what to do with (I have my own scrap room, plus my own room for my store). It has everything we could possibly want, and it is so close to everything (Bunnings is just over 1 km away in one direction, and Coles is 1.1kms away in the other direction). We are less than 10 kms from the zoo and the city, and about 15-20 minutes from the airport, IKEA and beaches. The girls school is less than 5 kms away too. We are so happy and content it seems wrong...probably because we've never experienced this before. The weather is BEAUTIFUL. After a lifetime in Queensland, I am deliriously happy to be in hot, dry weather. Yes, Adelaide does still get humid, but it is nowhere near as bad as Queensland. Yes, we are in love...and yes, we are staying in Adelaide! (My cats are probably relieved about that as I am sure they do NOT want to fly EVER again!!!).
Tomorrow, we are heading off to a local Filippino Festival (if it stops raining). I am so excited - I've never had the opportunity to experience this sort of celebration before. I'm sure my camera will get a good work-out. (-: It should be a wonderful day, full of new experiences, foods, and people...yay!!!!!

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