Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Perfectly not lost!!!

Monday just gone was a student free day, so DH and I decided to take the girls to Dreamworld. But we had to take a detour off the highway and through the back roads due to traffic delays (I think we lost nearly an hour waiting on the highway). However, my girls are not used to the back streets and were concerned that we might get lost and not make it to Dreamworld. So, when we finally made it back on to the highway, at a point much further down the road, Keana was greatly relieved and proclaimed "We are perfectly NOT lost!!!". Why do I get the feeling my daughter has been watching too much "Charlie and Lola???"
Like most children, my two get bored in the car. So I came prepared with Chuppa Chups and a camera. As you can see, they were both happy to be themselves for the camera. My two shy??? No, NEVER!!! Bloody drama queens, camera hogs, and plain crazy children. *sigh* Life is so not boring with these two. (-:

A nice family photo? I don't think so...not today mum!!! Not a chance. Aaarrggghhhhh!!!

Food? Did mum say food? Where? Give us some food - we're starving!!! Little miss hollow legs is forever eating, and if it happens to be lollies, chips or ice-creams, that's even better by her standards. Because it was so hot I gave in and let them have a snow-cone. At least it kept them quiet for a while. (-:

The best thing about going to Dreamworld? They both fell asleep in the car on the way home and didn't even wake up when we got home and transferred them to their beds. Oh what a beautiful, quiet night we had!!! Peaceful indeed...(-:

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