Sunday, 25 October 2009

OMG!!! This is amazing....

I just had to share this with everyone. Isn't this layout absolutely amazing!!! I mean, how beautiful is this page??? This is the amazing and breath-taking work of Ingvild Bolme. I just found it posted on her blog, and just had to spread the word. For this reason, she is considered one of the world's most talented artists. Yes, she is my inspiration, and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her work. *sigh*. If only I could spend a month with her to learn how to scrap like her (that would make me happy indeed!!!). For more details about the layout, go here.


  1. yes indeed Jules...this LO is amaaaazing !!
    BUt you've got your own style as well and you do amaazing stuffs as well :)
    Love what you do :)

    Hugs from the Blue mountains NSW...
    Brigitte G. xxx

  2. Oh yes Jules! I've long been a follower of Ingvild but have only just recently joined wescrap. Recognised your tag. I only wish I had half her talent - her LO's are so amazing.
    Sparkles and hugs from the UK
    Sue xx
    p.s. have you come across this blog:
    just wondered what you thought - I'm reserving comment.


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