Thursday, 30 April 2009

Oh my goodness...

What a week! Layouts to finish for the end of month deadlines, a trip to Lennon Bros circus, Malayla and Keana's first sleepover at a school friends place, Mother's Day shopping with daddy, a trip to White Water World, and Tony went back to work (finally, after 3 weeks!).

Don't you love Malayla's fashion sense (photo above)? This is the outfit that she chose and put together all by herself when Daddy told her they were going shopping for my Mother's Day present. I just love this coutnry cowgirl look. She even has a sparkly sequinned belt! I just love it - I think she is so cute (but as her mother I am, of course, biased). (-:

The circus was brilliant, but unfortunately I have no photos as they are not permitted. It is a shame becasue the performance is just magical, breath-taking and awesome! It took me back to the days when my mother used to take me to the circus. In fact, it was the same circus - Lennon Bros. They are the longest running circus in Australia - 150 years. The looks on my girls faces was priceless, and made it all worth while - they were spellbound. I am so happy that I have given them this experience.

I know people get upset about how animals are treated in the circus, and being kept in captivity, but these animals looked so healthy and beautiful. They wouldn't look like that if they were left to fend for themselves in the wild. I mean, when the lions came in, they absolutely took my breath away. They were so regal, huge and amazing. And they were treated so well. There was no evidence of cruelty. I just think it is a shame to take this expereince away from children. These are memories that they will keep forever, just like I have mine.

Here's the crew at White Water World. They had the best day ever, and they all slept really, really well that night, including their daddy! You see, my two have no fear - they go on all the rides and slides, and insist that their daddy joins them even though he seems to suffer from motion sickness. Hee! Hee! Hee!

Here's my card for week 2 of the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge over at Wicked Princesses. The challenge was Envy - and we had to scrap in green and black, use a transparency, add some doodling, and use a good luck theme. Voting commences 8am Saturday morning, and is open for 48 hours, until 8am Monday morning. Please feel free to browse through the gallery and submit your votes ( You are more than welcome.

This is my layout (Green Eyed Monster) for the Week 2 Challenge of the 7 Deadly Sins - ENVY. The layout had to be about what makes us jealous, or the "monsters" in our lives that scare us. We had to use green and black only, a transparency, and some doodling. I created this layout about my jealousy of others having the opportunity to visit NYC, but not me!

Here's my final layout to share for today. It's called My 2 Q T's (my two cuties). It's for the 1,2,3 Blog Challenge. This months challenge criteria was to scrap using 2 stamps and two different stamping techniques, paint splatters, and using only scraps from your stash. I am very happy with how this layout turned out because it is not my usual stayle of scrapping. This was a new adventure for me - much more artistic based. (-:. But I loved experimenting. Something I will definitely try again.

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