Friday, 4 January 2013

Changes To The Routine...

It's been quite a while since I've done a personal blog post. Probably because I've been busy, life is hectic, and there just are not enough hours in the day (plus I tend to rely on Facebook a lot more). But I think it is time to fill you in on all the details of what has been happening. 

There are going to be some big changes to our routine.

Firstly, we have decided to move again. We are moving up into the Adelaide Hill, and my girls will be changing schools again. It's not a big move - it's only 30 minutes up the road, and we are all fine with it. But it means I will not be scrapping much for the next few weeks while I pack and move. But I promise after that, I will get back into my routine of scrapping and blogging, when possible.

I have also made the decision to go back to the gym and my training. This will take up a fair bit of my time. But it is what I want and need to do. Blood, sweat, and tears, here we come. This has lead me to my decision to close down my store "Scrapbook Kits". If I have to choose between running a store and working on my health and fitness, I am choosing health and fitness. I do not have the time to do both.

And now that my girls are older, we have a lot of school and extra curricular commitments. I spend at least three evenings a week taking them to training sessions for their sports related activities. 

In addition, I also foster cats and kittens from Flick's Cat Rescue. It's not always easy,and often times it is heart-breaking. But the rewards are worth it. This baby below is a former foster kitty (Spook) who has now become a permanent part of my family. I could not part with her. :-)

So for those who are wondering, I now have 3 of my own adult cats, and 3 additional kittens who have joined my family as permanent members. I currently have one foster cat (Oreo Cookie) with another one due to join us after the 10th January (Lulu is a Scottish Fold, and I can't wait to meet her).

Finally, I will continue my Design Team commitments with Imaginarium Designs and PaperHaus. I love working with these two teams, and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world. 

But that is as far as I plan on taking my commitments for the moment. This year I need to focus on my family and myself, and making some major changes. 

I hope your year has started out a little less hectic than mine, lol! :-)



  1. All the best with your move Jules and good on you for getting back to the gym.. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

  2. Health must always come first :) all the best with your move and your kitty is a real cutie :)
    - Jeanette

  3. Hope everything works out for you up in the hills Jules...a beautiful part of the world I must say!!

  4. Great decision Jules... I did the same for myself last year. I my goal was to lose 10kg and I lost 11 in the first 14 weeks.. March I started and I am proud to say I have changed my habits and it is now a lifestyle for me. I continue to see a Personal Trainer twice a week as I broke my back 10 years ago so I need someone that cares for me.. not their pocket. and I continue my 6-9 km power walks at least twice a week. Life is so full on these days and yep... something has to give sometimes. Good luck..... and I will be wishing you luck, motivation and support!!!!!!!!!

  5. The changes are called the most constant thing to happen in life. Hope these changes simply bring in some good outcome at your end, however, the sad part is you won’t be scrapping much in the coming times.



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