Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mount Barker Christmas Pageant...

I surprised my girls today with a trip to Mount Barker for the annual Christmas Pageant. We had soooooo much fun. It was an absolutely glorious day (unlike Queensland where I would have been melting with the heat and humidity). Today may be the first day of Summer, but the differences in temperatures between Brisbane and Mount Barker are nearly unbelievable. In Brisbane today it was 30 degrees celsius (and undoubtedly hot and humid). In Mount Barker it was a cool, but sunny, 18 degrees celsius. I am NEVER, EVER, EVER returning to Queensland to live. NEVER!!!!!

I made sure we arrived early to secure a good spot. While waiting for the pageant to start, I went exploring (I left hubby and the girls minding our seats. Actually, the girls were drawing chalk pictures on the road, while hubby was minding the seats, lol!). Let's just say, I found some AMAZING shops in Mount Barker, and many of my family and friends are going to receive gorgeous Christmas gifts this year. Oh, and yeah, my house is going to look really pretty too!!! Yes, the retail therapy up there is really, really good. kind of town... :-)

But eventually I ran out of cash and arms to carry everything, so I had to settle for watching the Christmas pageant instead, lol!  

 Christmas trees anyone? 
These ladies were lovely.

 And all the characters were so happy to stop and pose for me. :-)

Some even jumped in front of my camera to make sure I took a photo of them, lol!!!

Did I tell you I am totally in love with Mount Barker? Really! I cannot wait to call this my new home. The people I have met here already have been so nice, and so friendly. After years of searching, I think we may have finally found out forever home. :-)


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