Monday, 19 September 2011

Top 5 2011

Back in 1991, if you had asked me who my Top 5 men were, that could get me all hot and bothered, this would have been my answer:

TOP 5 1991

Keanu Reeves

Johhny Depp

Lou Diamond Phillips

Robert Downey Jnr

Brad Pitt

Some things just never change. Like those men that can get me all hot and bothered (other than my husband, lol!). I decided to compare my top 5 from 2011 to my Top 5 from 1991. And guess what? You can find several of the same men on both lists. Yes, really! Like good wine, they just get better with age.

TOP 5 2011:

Keanu Reeves

Johnny Depp

Taylor Lautner

Michael Copon

Robert Downey Jnr.

I wonder who will make my list in another 20 years? (-: So, who's on your list? Come on, leave a link here and share!!! I'd love to know, lol.


  1. LOL Love it Jules! That Taylor Lautner kiddo is a spunk. And Johnny Depp for sure!

  2. Lol! Just found your blog and had a good giggle when I read your intro on the top left. Love it that you know who you are and don't care about the rest. As for your Top 5... I'm totally with you on the Keanu Reeves selection. Could add a few of my own, but it might show how old I am. Lol!
    Btw, love your scrappy creations. :)

  3. OMG Rober Downey Jnr? Eww, that man give me the creeps!!! Love Keanu and Taylor though, hmmm, and Brad Pitt!! Hate his beard now, no wonder he dropped of your list!! I should do this too!!

  4. Oh Jules, I share several of your favourites - Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Depp... I like Ewan McGregor too.


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